11-Step Customer Service Pledge

Restoring People's Faith in Contractors One Job at a Time.

Mold Pros LLC 11-Step Customer Service Pledge is comprehensive - from our initial meeting with a customer and the product selection process, through the entire construction/installation and post- installation. We've designed, and continue to improve upon, our Customer Service Pledge to create a purchasing experience that results in extremely high levels of customer satisfaction, repeat business, and referrals.

Each step of the pledge is important in providing you the best home remodeling and construction in the Kansas City region.

Trained Associates

At Mold Pros LLC, we know the products we use and all of our installation personnel are trained on the proper home installation methods recommended by the manufacturers. Proper training is crucial to ensuring your construction or remediation project will last for years to come, so we thoroughly train all personnel involved, including consultants, supervisors, installers, quality inspectors and service technicians.

Listen to the Customer

Mold Pros LLC takes great pride in understanding your specific goals for your home remediation project. All of our sales and consulting associates have been trained to be good listeners. We pledge to constantly strive for a complete understanding of what you hope to accomplish and to work with you to meet your goals.

Analysis of Existing Conditions

After gaining a clear understanding of your goals, our highly trained Mold Pros consultants complete a comprehensive evaluation of each job site during the estimating and sales process. Customers are informed of any existing or potential problems, educated regarding materials, and consulted about our recommendations for their installation. All subsidiary companies of Mold Pros provide this service at no charge.

Customer Education

Mold Pros strives to take the necessary time needed to educate the consumer of all the ins and outs of home remediation

Job-Site Supervision

We don't believe a Foreman and installation crew should hold the final responsibility for our performance at the job site. That's why Mold Pros employs an additional level of accountability - staff supervisors. These are not salespeople or callback people stopping by to quickly check on a job; they are salaried staff personnel that are specifically trained to provide oversight and management of the home installation crews to ensure excellence with your home improvement project.

Insurance Protection

Risk of injury to workers or damage to property is always present on construction sites. Mold Pros maintains insurance coverage above the basic requirements of our customers for workers compensation and liability insurance - including "errors and omissions" coverage. It is a little-known reality that although most contractors can provide certificates of insurance, many do not actually have coverage. A sizable contractor will carry no less than $1 million and usually around $2 million of total insurance coverage. We carry total insurance coverage in excess of this amount to make sure you are protected.

Written Contract and Warranty

Every contract at Mold Pros is thorough, customer-friendly, and specific to your home. Upon full payment, your contract will act as a full five-year warranty from Mold Pros (providing service rendered is covered or additional coverage is purchased). This is in addition to the product warranty offered by the specific manufacturer of the product(s) used on your project.


Your home improvement project is backed by the stability of the entire Mold Pros LLC. A significant percentage of home improvement contractors go out of business each year - this is a typical situation in the construction industry. We, and our warranties, will be around for many years to come.


Mold Pros is dedicated to establishing and maintaining outstanding relationships with our staff, home installation personnel, suppliers and, most importantly, our customers. To us, relationships are built on performance, dependability, honesty and respect.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If there is a problem with the installation, Mold Pros will return to the job or do whatever is required to gain your satisfaction. We believe that ensuring customer satisfaction is the right way to do business!

And, we want your recommendations to others. We're proud of the work we do and who we are - Mold Pros LLC.